South Western Circle

The Historical Society for the London & South Western Railway


What is a Portfolio?

Each Portfolio has been compiled with the aim of providing members with information on a particular subject. They contain notes, comments, plans, sketches, drawings, photographs, timetables, newspaper cuttings and references to other sources of information, etc. The system works on a reciprocal basis, thus any information an individual has, which they are willing to share, should be enclosed when returning a Portfolio or sent direct to the Portfolios Organiser so that it can be inserted in the appropriate volume.

How to obtain a portfolio

With the increase in postage costs it is not usually realistic to send portfolios through the post, but they can be collected at a meeting or by arrangment with the Portfolio Officer. An ever increasing number have been scanned and are available on CD. There is a nominal change of £5.00 per CD to cover copying, postage and packing, but the Portfolio officer will fit as many Portfolios on a CD as possible..

Portfolios Organiser
13 Senlac Road,
SE12 9NA