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ADD707 View looking South from the overbridge at Gunnersbury station, with Richmond line to the left and line to Chiswick Junction to the right of Gunnersbury West signalbox, 1902. *
ADD717 Urie N15 class 4-6-0 743 (Eastleigh 1919) at Axminster on a down express August 1919. Right front view from track level, rear of drop flap ground signal in front of loco.. *
ADD718 Urie N15 class 4-6-0 740 (Eastleigh 1919) at Bournemouth West, c. 1920. Right front view. *
ADD527 Tender end photo of Drummond G14 4-6-0 455 (1908) at Nine Elms, probably c. 1910. Rear of tender cut off, but the photo shows the curved top tank and filler of the 4500gallon tender. ?Not to Go? chalked on the cab side. *
ADD702 Superheated Drummond D15 class 4-4-0 466 Built Eastleigh 1912, Superheated 1916. Heading a through train from Bournemouth to the North via Basingstoke and Reading, probably the Bournemouth - Birkenhead train; the first four coaches are GWR. Loco is carrying headlamps, not discs. Approaching Hinton Admiral c. 1920. *
ADD712 Southern Railway period photo of Drummond T9 4-4-0 119 (Built 1899, superheated 1923) on a special train. Headcode discs and board carry the numerals 14, 23 and L. In 1935, 119 was given a special finish for running royal, and other prestige, special trains. First coach is a Maunsell Restriction 1 nondescript open, followed by a restaurant car. Train is passing a level crossing on an electrified line. First guess would be a special for the Portsmouth naval review in 1938, somwhere between Guildford and Havant. *
ADD721 Shanks 0-4-0ST 109 SOUTHAMPTON. One of three locos built by Alexander Shanks of Arbroath 1876-9 and bought by thre LSWR for working the ?tramway? from Southampton Town station to the Royal Pier. On a passenger train on the Royal Pier, Southampton, in 1911. Photographed from the pier at the landward end of the platform. Right hand front view of the loco, running bunker first, coupled to a sliding door bk 3rd coach, with both near and far side sliding doors open. *
ADD526 Platform view of Swanage station looking North. Adams 4-4-2T 431 (R. Stephenson 2505 of 1883) is arriving on a passenger train of 4- or 6-wheeled coaches. Shows details of large wheeled platform barrows, station seat, nameboard and lamp. A train of 48 ft bogie stock is standing in the run round loop. *
ADD708 Epsom LSWR station in SR days with an ex LB&SCR E4 0-6-2T bunker first on a short freight. The platform roads are electrified, but not the middle roads, dating the photo to between electrification of Raynes Park - Guildford in July 1925 and rebuilding the station for the Sutton - Epsom electrification in 1929.. *
ADD703 Drummond T9 class 4-4-0 arriving at Southampton West on an up train. Loco is one of the first Nine Elms series without cross water tubes (Locos 113-122, 280-289 of 1899-1900), and has a bogie tender(added 1902-1907). Train of 48/50 ft non-corridor coaches, probably c. 1905. *