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ADD735 Drummond M7 class 0-4-4T 356 (Nine Elms 1900). Left hand rear view looking across the platform at Portsmouth Harbour 22 August 1922. Loco is in Urie livery and has the sandboxes, originally in the smokebox, below the running plate. *
ADD715 Drummond M7 class 0-4-4T 129 (Eastleigh 1911). Left front view of the loco running bunker first, coupled to a 48 ft brake third coach. Loco is in Urie livery, and has lost its feedwater heater, c. 1920. *
ADD729 Drummond L12 class 4-4-0 419 (Nine Elms 1904). Left hand rear view of loco only, from track level at Waterloo with A box and signal gantry behind. c. 1905. *
ADD726 Drummond L11 class 4-4-0 at Bournemouth Central. Right hand front view from ground level. Loco is in Urie condition, with feed clacks on boiler side and later tender springs. Part of the Bounemouth Central tool van visible on right. *
ADD731 Drummond E10 class 4-2-2-0 (Nine Elms 1901). Right hand rear view of loco and most of tender, at Waterloo c. 1905. Loco has strengthened valve rod for the Joy valve gear of the outside cylinder. *
ADD733 Drummond C8 class 4-4-0 295 (Nine Elms 1897). Left front view at Eastleigh c. 1920. Loco is in Urie livery with feed clacks on side of boiler and smokebox dogs. Loco looks newly painted, but not the tender. *
ADD722 Drummond 700 class 0-6-0 697 (D?bs 3520 of 1897). Left side front view from above. Loco is in Urie condition, with later tender springs, but still saturated and without smokebox door dogs. Standing in the down refuge siding at New Milton c. 1921. *
ADD723 Drummond 700 class 0-6-0 (D?bs 1897). Left front ? view at a coaling stage (Nine Elms?). Loco is in Urie condition, but still saturated. G6 0-6-0T behind. *
ADD710 Beattie Centaur class 7ft 2-4-0 96 CASTOR, built Nine Elms 1868. Left front photo at Nine Elms after rebuilding with boiler from Beyer Peacock 0-6-0 286 in 1887. Loco retains its slotted leading splasher and curved cab side sheet, withdrawn 1894. *
ADD734 Adams X2 class 4-4-0 595 ( Nine Elms 1892) at Nine Elms c. 1920. *