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ADE829 Exeter Queen Street station, looking West from the road briodge. An N15 4-6-0 is waiting on a London express and an O2 0-4-4T is in the bay on an Exmouth train. 9 May 1930. *
ADE830 SR Adams ex LSWR X2 4-4-0 E595 (Nine Elms 1892). Right rear view at the buffers at Waterloo in the 1920s. *
ADE831 SR Adams ex LSWR O2 class 0-4-4T 207 (Nine Elms 1891). Left broadside view, leaving Eastleigh shed, with the works office block behind, in the 1930s. *
ADE832 SR Adams ex LSWR B4 class 0-4-0T E99 (Nine Elms 1893).Right side view at Bournemouth. *
ADE833 SR Drummond ex LSWR L11 class 4-4-0 E169 (Nine Elms 1904). Right rear view on the midle road at Bournemouth Central, shunting a 16 ft horsebox. *
ADE834 SR Adams ex LSWR T6 class 4-4-0 685. Right front view at the coaling stage at Eastleigh. *
ADE835 SR Adams ex LSWR A12 class 0-4-2 E646 (Neilson 4545, 1893). Right front view. *
ADE900 SR Unidentified King Arthur class 4-6-0 passing Bromley South on a down train of boat train stock in the 1920s. *
ADE901 SR Unidentified King Arthur class 4-6-0 approaching Bromley South on an up train in the 1920s. *
ADE902 SR Urie H15 class 4-6-0 E474 (Eastleigh 1924) at the platform end at Waterloo. On the left, an ex LSWR Dining Saloon. 1920s. *