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ADE828 SR Maunsell U class 2-6-0 A633 (Ashford 1931) at Eastbourne, when new. Right rear vew, without smoke deflectors. 6-wheel gas tank wagon on the right. *
ADE901 SR Unidentified King Arthur class 4-6-0 approaching Bromley South on an up train in the 1920s. *
ADE900 SR Unidentified King Arthur class 4-6-0 passing Bromley South on a down train of boat train stock in the 1920s. *
ADE906 SR Urie Ex LSWR N15 class 4-6-0 748 (Eastleigh 1922). As built but in SR livery, on a Portsmouth train at Waterloo c. 1925. *
ADE907 SR Urie H15 class 4-6-0 E473 (Eastleigh 1924). Broadside view as built, at Wateerloo c. 1925. *
ADE902 SR Urie H15 class 4-6-0 E474 (Eastleigh 1924) at the platform end at Waterloo. On the left, an ex LSWR Dining Saloon. 1920s. *
ADE823 SR V class 4-4-0 913 (Eastleigh 1932) near Horley on an Eastbourne - Victoria train. Maunsell Restriction 1 stock and Pullman. *
ADE913 SR Wainwright ex SE&CR J class 0-6-4T A595. (Built Ashford 1913 as 207, renumbered 1928) on a 4-track electrified main line with two ex LSWR 8-compt thirds and an ex SE&CR Trio set. *
ADE924 SR Wainwright ex SE&CR L class 4-4-0 A762 (Beyer Peacock 5826, 1914) at Charing Cross. *
ADE805 SR, ex L&BR, 2-6-2 E761 TAW. Right front view in the 1920s, SR numberplate but no SOUTHERN lettering. *