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ADE934 View of the platform at Bromley North from behind the buffers. *
ADE928 View looking down to the buffers of Ramsgate Harbour station, with the harbour behind. D1 4-4-0 A50 on the turntable. *
ADE929 View looking down onto a through station (Annersley?) from an ovebridge. An auctioneers notice on the left gives the name Eastman Bros, with a Sydenham phone number. An ex SE&CR J class 0-6-4T is heading away from the camera on freight. *
ADE933 View from the concourse towards the platforms at Bromley North. *
ADE935 View from above towards a Y-shaped station (Hastings?) Ex LB&SCR B4 class 4-4-0 B59 stands in the foreground, tender towards the camera. An ex SER F1 4-4-0 stands in the right hand platform. *
ADE921 Two 5-car ac sets of 1925 Sutton stock, going away from the camera. Good view of cantilevered overhead line structures. *
ADE916 St Leonards. View from the footbridge looking towards Bo Peep tunnel with an ex LB&SCR 0-6-2T approaching. *
ADE904 SRUrie N15 class 4-6-0 E755 (Eastleigh 1923) at the platform end at Waterloo. Broadside right, 1920s. *
ADE811 SR, L&B Section, 2-6-2T 188, left rear view at the buffers at Barnstaple Town with a bogie van. *
ADE812 SR, L&B Section, 2-6-2T 188 at Barnstaple on a passenger train in the 1930s. Left rear view with the driver on left with an oilcan and small boy in the cab. *