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ADE913 SR Wainwright ex SE&CR J class 0-6-4T A595. (Built Ashford 1913 as 207, renumbered 1928) on a 4-track electrified main line with two ex LSWR 8-compt thirds and an ex SE&CR Trio set. *
ADE914 SR ?Scotch? King Arthur 4-6-0 arriving at Waterloo under A-box on a train from Southampton via Alton of ex LSWR non-corridor stock. M7 0-4-4T 50 leaving bunker first on the right. *
ADE915 Petts Wood station (opened 1928), looking very new. Two 3-SUB units of ex-SE&CR stock are leaving, with a 2-car trailer set of ex LB&SCR coaches between. *
ADE916 St Leonards. View from the footbridge looking towards Bo Peep tunnel with an ex LB&SCR 0-6-2T approaching. *
ADE917 Devil?s Dyke station, looking South. Train in the platform consisting of an ex LB&SCR ?Baloon? push-pull coach and an arc roofed coach. The loco is hidden by the signalbox. *
ADE918 SR 3-SUB unit of ex-SE&CR coaches approaching a station. (O headcode) *
ADE919 SR 3-SUB unit of ex-SE&CR coaches on a down train at Bromley South (O-headcode) *
ADE920 Rear view of two SR 3-SUB units of ex-SE&CR coaches, with trailer set between, leaving Bromley South. V headcode on rearof train (Victoria - Bickley via Herne Hill). *
ADE921 Two 5-car ac sets of 1925 Sutton stock, going away from the camera. Good view of cantilevered overhead line structures. *
ADE922 Platform end view at Charing Cross, with two 3-SUB units arriving from Orpington (? headcode). *