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ADF905 Drummond C14 class 2-2-0T 743 (Nine Elms 1906) at Hounslow with three 6-wheel coaches on the Gunnersbury - Twickenham service. 25 May 1912. *
ADF904 Station staff at New Malden c. 1910. *
ADF903 Ruthern Bridge terminus on the Bodmin & Wadebridge? *
ADF902 Yeovil Town station, looking East from the main platform. An O2 0-4-4T is backing onto four 4- and 6-wheel coaches beyond the island platform. c. 1900. *
ADF901 Bodmin station, looking towards the buffers, with an arc roofed bogie brake coach in the platform, c. 1900. *
ADF900 Waterloo station, photographed from A box, before rebuilding started in 1904. *
ADF335 SR Urie Ex LSWR N15 cass 4-6-0 738 (Eastleigh 1919). Front view with Bournemouth headcode, probably at Eastleigh c. 1920. *
ADF334 SR Drummond Ex LSWR superheated L12 class 4-4-0 E418 (Nine Elms 1904, superheated 191x). Left broadside with 8-wheel tender at Nine Elms. *
ADF333 SR Urie Ex LSWR H15 class 4-6-0 E335 (Eastleigh 1914, nominal rebuild of Drummond E14 4-6-0 of 190x). Left front view at Nine Elms, with original lipped chimney and Urie superheater. *
ADF332 SR Urie Ex LSWR N15 class 4-6-0 E746 (Eastleigh 1922). Left front, before naming in 1925, at Nine Elms. *