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ADF027 Ex LSWR 6-wheel brake third 4747, still lettered LSWR, at Walton on Thames c. 1927/8. 32 ft brake third 431 (1891), became fruit train brake c. 1922. *
ADF026 SR Ex LSWR Drummond C14 class 0-4-0T E0744 (Built Nine Elms1907 as 0-2-2T, rebuilt as 0-4-0T 1923) at Eastleigh , with D15 4-4-0 466 behind. *
ADF025 SR Ex LSWR Drummond M7 class 0-4-4Ts E131 (Eastleigh 1911) and E378 (Nine Elms 1903) at Guildford coaling stage. E131 has the pulleys on the cab roof for the LSWR?s cable operated push-pull system. *
ADF024 SR Ex LB&SCR D1 0-4-2T B 297 on a Horsham - Dorking North motor train. *
ADF023 Two 1925 5-car ac electric units, with central power vans, approaching Clapham Junction on a Victoria - Coulsdon North train (Headcode 11). Good views of overhead line structures, LSWR signalbox to left and LB&SCR signalbox to right. *
ADF022 SR Ex LB&SCR D3 0-4-4T on a special train of SE&CR and LB&SCR non-corridor stock, on a 4-track electrified main line. *
ADF021 SR Ex LSWR Urie H16 class 4-6-2T E519 (Eastleigh 1921), right side view, Clapham Junction. *
ADF020 SR 3-SUB unit of rebuilt SE&CR stock in a bay platform. Looks like Beckenham Junction, so is a train to Victoria via Crysrtal Palace (P headcode). *
ADF019 Two 3-SUB units with a 2-car trailer set between, approaching the ex LC&DR main line at Bickley Junction on a Sevenoaks - Victoria train (O headcode). All vehicles are rebuilt LB&SCR arc roofed stock. *
ADF018 1925 3-SUB unit going away from the camera on a single track connection from a 4-track main line, probably Bickley Junction. *