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ADF023 Two 1925 5-car ac electric units, with central power vans, approaching Clapham Junction on a Victoria - Coulsdon North train (Headcode 11). Good views of overhead line structures, LSWR signalbox to left and LB&SCR signalbox to right. *
ADF019 Two 3-SUB units with a 2-car trailer set between, approaching the ex LC&DR main line at Bickley Junction on a Sevenoaks - Victoria train (O headcode). All vehicles are rebuilt LB&SCR arc roofed stock. *
ADF915 Urie H15 4-6-0 482 (Eastleigh 1914) leaving Basingstoke on an up stopping train consisting of a 4? set (30 ft brake van plus 48 ft non-corridors), a 4-car non-corridor set and three loose coaches. Point lever and part of signal gantry in the foreground. *
ADF918 Urie H15 class 4-6-0 486 (Eastleigh 1914), Left side view in photographic grey. *
ADF914 Urie N15 4-6-0 742 (Eastleigh 1919) on a West of England express in Clapham Cutting c. 1920. First coach is a 56 ft brake third of 1913-1919. *
ADF035 View from the platform at South Croydon. A freight is shunting on the right and includes a motor car for a 6-PUL electric unit, c. 1933. *
ADF900 Waterloo station, photographed from A box, before rebuilding started in 1904. *
ADF902 Yeovil Town station, looking East from the main platform. An O2 0-4-4T is backing onto four 4- and 6-wheel coaches beyond the island platform. c. 1900. *