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ADG700 Urie N15 class 4-6-0 73? (Eastleigh 1919) at the platform end at Waterloo in early SR days. A train of non-corridor stock is departing on the left and an M7 stands, partly in the photo, on the right. A-box behind. *
ADG701 Superheated Drummond T9 4-4-0 304 (Nine Elms 1900, superheated 1922). Rear right hand view at the buffers at Waterloo platform 13, c. 1923. The loco is taking water. The end of an ironclad brake coach is on the left. *
ADG702 Drummond T9 class 4-4-0 283 (Nine Elms 1899). Left side view at the buffers at Waterloo c. 1920. The loco is in Urie livery and has lost its cross water tubes. *
ADG703 Drummond L12 class 4-4-0 416 (Nine Elms 1904), approaching Winchester Junction in about 1905 on a 4? set of 30 ft van and 48 ft non-corridor stock, with Post Office van and bogie luggage van on the rear. Probably the 12.50 Waterloo - Weymouth (1909 timetable), which conveyed a post office van from Dorchester. *
ADG704 Drummond F13 4-6-0 330 (Nine Elms 1905) on a 12 coach Waterloo - Exeter express. 44 ft luggage van, followed by corridor stock. Probably the summer of 1906, the only year the F13s worked the service they were built for. With that load, it must be one of the few times the driver was happy to have an F13, rather than a T9. *
ADG705 Drummond F13 class 4-6-0 332 (Nine Elms 1905) on a Waterloo - Exeter express, with a special train disc. Train comprises three standard corridor coaches, with a brake third without van end gangway leading, followed by two ?Eagle Express? corridor coaches and some non-corridors at the rear. Approaching the outskirts of Exeter?? *
ADG706 Beattie 348 class 4-4-0 (Sharp Stewart 1877), either 348 or 356, the only two which had new Adams cylinders with outside steam pipes (1880/2) and Adams boilers (1888/9). Both were withdrawn in 1905. Leaving Winchester (Park Road bridge in the distance) on a train from Bournemouth via Sway of three GWR and six LSWR coaches. *
ADG707 Axminster station, looking East from the Lyme Regis line. Probably SR days, there is a ground disc signal on the right. *
ADG708 LSWR 6-wheeled coach 5467 at Walton on Thames c. 1928. 30 ft third class coach 1028 (1890), downgraded to Fruit Van 5467 in 1920. Close up view showing bodyside, but not running gear. *
ADG709 Calstock Viaduct, the four Cornish side arches, looking South, with an O2 0-4-4T crossing with a vacuum fitted goods van and two ex-steam railcar push-pull coaches. Wagon lift to Calstock Quay on the right. Probably 1920s. *