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ADH014 Urie H16 class 4-6-2T 516 (Eastleigh 1921). Left side front view in photographic grey livery. *
ADH005 Two down trains approaching Wimbledon in the 1890s. Adams T6 4-4-0 (Nine Elms 1896)on a West of England express and Adams 4-4-2T 106 (R. Stephenson 2606, 1885)on a Hampton Court train. Arc roofed 4-, 6- and 8-wheeled coaches in siding on the left. *
ADH001 Stereoscopic photograph by T. Vanstone of Tavistock station, looking North. Footbridge with station canopies beyond. c. 1900. *
ADH000 Stereoscopic photograph by G.W.Wilson of Windsor Castle, seen across the river in about 1870. A line of 10 dumb buffered coal wagons fill the middle ground. The first six are TS&C Parry North London Railway, then two Clay Cross, a Davey ?? and a 2-plank wagon. *
ADH035 Lyndhurst Road Station, looking towards Southampton from the up platform, c. 1910 *
ADH023 Drummond T9 class 4-4-0 of the 702-732 series (D?bs 1899) in Urie days with feed clacks on the boiler side and smokebox door dogs, but still with cross water tubes. Left hand front view at a coaling plant c. 1920. *
ADH022 Drummond T9 class 4-4-0 718 (D?bs 3762 of 1899). At the platform end at Waterloo as built, before 1904 when a bogie tender was provided. Loco is carrying Waterloo - Southampton Docks headcode, with a special train disc. *
ADH006 Drummond T9 class 4-4-0 715 (D?bs 3759 of 1899) on a Waterloo - Southampton West non-stop train of 48 ft non corridor stock, c. 1900. Location not identified. *
ADH012 Drummond T9 class 4-4-0 337 (Nine Elms 1901) at Petersfield on a Waterloo - Portsmouth train of 48 ft non-corridor stock. Loco is as built but has lost its oval numberplate, c. 1910. *
ADH011 Drummond T9 class 4-4-0 282 (Nine Elms 1899, bogie tender provided 1902) West of Seaton Junction on a down express consisting of a 44ft luggage brake and 48 ft non-corridor stock, c. 1905. *