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ADH018 Beattie standard 2-4-0T with rectangular splashers. It is either of the series 44, 325 - 329 (Beyer Peacock 1533-1538 of 1875) or one of the Nine Elms built locos. The loco in the photo has some details which fit existing photos of the 1875 BP locos whilst other details fit the Nine Elms locos. More likely a Nine Elms loco, which would merit an official photo. Left side view at Nine Elms when new, standing outside the office building of the old Nine Elms straight running shed. No number visible as it only appeared on the buffer beams. *
ADH034 Beattie 348 class 4-4-0 358 (Sharp Stewart 2667 of 1877). Sharp Stewart works photo, right hand of loco only. *
ADH028 Beattie 348 class 4-4-0 353 (Sharp Stewart 2662 of 1877), reboilered 1890. Left side view lettered L&SWR, c. 1895. *
ADH027 Adams X2 class 4-4-0 592 (Nine Elms 1892). Right side of loco only at Basingstoke c. 1895. *
ADH029 Adams T3 class 4-4-0 574 (Nine Elms 1893). Left front view of loco only at Exeter St Davids c. 1900. *
ADH030 Adams T3 class 4-4-0 568 (Nine Elms 1893). Drummond boiler fitted 1907. Left side front view in Urie livery, c. 1920. *
ADH016 Adams O2 class 0-4-4T 208 (Nine Elms 1891). Right hand side view as built but in Drummond livery, at Fratton c. 1900. *
ADH004 Adams A12 class 0-4-2T 642 (Neilson 4541, 1893) passing Northam loco shed in about 1900 on a down freight. Wooden post bracket signal, but with arms only on the right hand of three dolls, on the left. *
ADH008 Adams A12 class 0-4-2T 637 (Neilson 4536, 1893). Front left hand view of loco only, in Drummond livery, at Nine Elms c. 1905. *
ADH009 Adams A12 class 0-4-2 555 (Nine Elms 1889). Right hand view in Adams livery, lettered LSWR and dual braked (1892). At Nine Elms, October 1893. *