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20 November 2023 Updated the minimum postage for the Drawings service to £2.20
09 January 2023 Updated Photo Collections public page to include references to Pattenden, Curtis and Eyers collections
10 May 2022 Updated Mick Hutson's PRO Notes Vol 1 to remove duplicated and add missing pages
16 May 2022 Updated Hutson's folders 2 Hounslow Loop and 28 Banstable and Ilfracombe with Tony Collins reformatted versions
09 January 2023 Updated Circulars page to use dropdown to select volume being displayed
18 November 2022 Updated Circular volumes 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 to support searching of the text
14 January 2023 Updated 'Inspection Section' Plans page to allow selection by location or plan number as well as browsing the album.
15 January 2023 Updated 'Inspection Section' Plans page to allow an additional selection - by line
22 August 2022 Update list of Portfolios to include new portfolios and additional portfolios available on CD
14 December 2022 Revised the structure of the members area menu and included relevent portfolio material
14 August 2023 Restored maps to the Meeting locations pages
03 January 2023 Made the South Western Gazette/Magazine searchable
16 January 2023 Added Waterloo to Southampton to the Eyers LSWR Line Survey
26 August 2022 Added volumes 4 and 5 to the Circulars in the members area.
15 May 2023 Added Volume 8 of Circulars to SWC Documentation