South Western Circle

The Historical Society for the London & South Western Railway

Sales Service

The Circle runs a sales service for it's members from which books related to the LSWR and it's successors can be purchased. The sales service attends the Circle's meetings where the stock can be inspected and purchases made. Otherwise goods can be ordered by post.

Ordering Information

The Circle Sales service is provided for members only. If you are not a Circle member please don't waste your (and our) time by placing an order. Join first!

We are unable to take orders over the internet or take payment by credit card, so all orders must be by post and payment by cheque.

For orders from within the UK postage will be charged at 15% of the order value with a minimum of £2.50 and maximum of £10.0. (It is suggested that cheques should be left "open" but endorsed "not to exceed xxxx" so that any changes in prices or non-availability of items does not result unnecessarily in small amounts of money outstanding as a balance).

Overseas orders will be charged postage according to the requested air or surface mail charges. Please consult the Sales Office before ordering.