South Western Circle

The Historical Society for the London & South Western Railway


Occasional, well-illustrated paperback publications on a single subject are published as suitable texts arise and funds allow. They are issued free to members at the time of publication.

The surplus copies from the print runs are available for purchase by those who join subsequent to the publication and non-members on request.

Monographs issued to date are as follows:



No.1: Salisbury 1906. An answer to the enigma?

Norman H Pattenden, Third, enlarged edition, published 2016.

Pages 120, price £7.00



No.2: Many and Great Inconveniences. The Level Crossings and Gatekeepers' Cottages of the Southampton & Dorchester Railway.

Philip A Brown, Second, enlarged edition, published 2022.

Pages 212, price £12.00



No.3: Waterloo Station circa 1900. An Illustrated Tour.

Colin Chivers and Philip Wood, published 2006.

Pages 98, price £7.00



No.4: Special Traffic Arrangements.

Norman H Pattenden, published 2007.

Pages 144, price £7.00



No.5: The Riverside Electric. LSWR Electrification 1912-1922

Author: Colin Chivers, published 2011, reprinted 2016.

Pages 192, price £9.00



No.6: Nine Elms Locomotive works at the turn of the 19th/20th Centuries.

Author: Peter H Swift, published 2012.

Pages 88, price £7.00



No.7: The L&SWR use of Low Pressure Pneumatic Signalling.

Author: Stuart Isbister, published 2014.

Pages 180, price £9.00


No.8: Feltham Concentration Yard.

Author: Colin Chivers, published 2016.

Pages 276, price £12.50


No.9: The LSWR and the Boer War of 1899-1902.

Authors: N Pattenden, C Chivers, M Rhodes, published 2018.

Pages 180, price £9.00


No.10 Part 1: Waterloo Signalling.

Author: Stuart Isbister and Colin Chivers, published 2019.

Pages 164, price £10.00 (parts 1 and 2 together £18.50)


No.10 Part 2: Waterloo Signalling.

Author: Stuart Isbister and Colin Chivers, published 2019.

Pages 179, price £10.00 (parts 1 and 2 together £18.50)



No.11 An Album of Beattie Locomotives.

Author: Peter H Swift, published 2021.

Pages 144, price £9.00



No.12 The Occupants of Lodge No.5 and Williford Cottages on the Southampton and Dorchester Railway.

Author: David Elwyn, published 2023.

Pages 60, price £6.00