Photo Collections

The Circle has been bequested a number of Photo collections, including the Pattenden, Curtis and Eyers collections. Images from both the Pattenden and Curtis collections are available for members to view in the members section of the website. It is necessary to log into the website to access the members area. Work is in progress on making the Eyers collection available in the members area and the first set of line albums are now in the members section.

Pattenden Collection

Norman Pattenden, a lifelong railwayman, was a prolific author for the South Western Circular and his extensive collection of locomotive cards are available in the members section of the website.

Curtis Collection

HMRS member David Curtis started the 'LSWR Station Architecture Survey' in 1970s to produce an L&SWR equivalent to the series of GWR station albums that had been produced by others some years previously. Completed by Colin Chivers, the 22 albums are in the possession of the HMRS, the Circle retains a digital copy to assist its members researches. These albums are available in the members area of the web site.

Eyers Collection

John Eyers took many thousands of photographs of the ex-LSWR and S&D lines from the 1950s and acquired many more. These are available in the members section of the website. His locomotive images covering LSWR, S&D, Southern and BR are currently being added to the members area of the website, so check back and see what has been added.

Tatchell Collection

As an experiment South Western Circle initiated an agreement to show images from the Historical Model Railway Society’s John Tatchell Collection. The images have all been scanned and enhanced to some degree. Some cropping has occurred where beneficial. Usually this means some loss of sky and foreground. The purpose of cropping is to make the main elements of the image as large as possible.

Descriptions and thumbnails of the 350+ images can be seen using the photos menu .

Copies of these photographs can be ordered from the HMRS here HMRS Tatchell Collection