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ADF915 Urie H15 4-6-0 482 (Eastleigh 1914) leaving Basingstoke on an up stopping train consisting of a 4? set (30 ft brake van plus 48 ft non-corridors), a 4-car non-corridor set and three loose coaches. Point lever and part of signal gantry in the foreground. *
ADF914 Urie N15 4-6-0 742 (Eastleigh 1919) on a West of England express in Clapham Cutting c. 1920. First coach is a 56 ft brake third of 1913-1919. *
ADF913 Drummond M7 0-4-4T E25 (Nine Elms 1899) at Merton Abbey on a push-pull train consisting of two coaches of a bogie block set. HC Casserley photo 23 August 1927. *
ADF912 Adams G6 class 0-6-0T 262 (Nine Elms 1894), shunting three open wagons at Staines in the 1890s. Station building seen behind the wagons, part of a road vehicle truck, carrying a road van, on the right. Crew and station staff posing in front of, and on, the loco. *
ADF911 Drummond T9 4-4-0 300 (Nine Elms 1900). LH side view, at Nine Elms, c. 1905. Loco is as built, except for transfer numerals replacing the original oval cabside numberplate. *
ADF910 Drummond 700 class 0-6-0 691 (D?bs 3514, 1897). Left front view at Nine Elms, loco as built with conical smokebox door, containing Drummond?s spark (and draught) arrester. *
ADF909 Nine Elms Breakdown Crane No. 1, 20T crane built by Stothert & Pitt, 1908. *
ADF908 Station staff at Brockenhurst c. 1900, showing the large station nameboard. Names of staff are listed on the back of the photo. *
ADF907 Beyer Peacock Metropolitan type 4-4-0T (Locos 318 - 323, 1875), supplied for working the Exeter - Plymouth service. Left hand side view, Beyer Peacock Works photo. No number visible as the LSWR only put the number on the bufferbeams at that time. Left broadside, works photo. *
ADF906 Steam Railcar No. 1 (Nine Elms/ Eastleigh 1904) at Hounslow on the Twickenham - Gunnersbury service 17 September 1910. *