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ADF321 SR Maunsell Ex SE&CR E1 class 4-4-0 A497 (Built Ashford 1907 as E class, rebuilt Beyer Peacock 1920). In early Southern days (SE&CR plate on cab) on train comprising ex SE&CR 1921 boat train stock and Pullman cars. *
ADF320 SR Maunsell D1 class 4-4-0 A545 (Built Ashford 1906 as D class, rebuilt Beyer Peacock 1921). Heading a LC&DR line train in early Southern days, the loco still has an SE&CR plate on the cab. The Southern wanted to put corridor stock on the Kent coast trains. Pending delivery of new stock in 1925, they came up with this remarkable formation. Ex SE&CR 4-wheel luggage van, of the type subsequently built by the SR and BR; Ex SE&CR corridor brake composite, one of 15 built for through trains to other railways in 1907; one of six SE&CR corridor thirds built in 1920; an ex ?SER Car Train? Pullman; two ex LSWR Eagle Express first class saloons of 1893, rebuilt with gangways in 1901-07. Beyond this, things are less clear, probably two SE&CR non-corridor coaches, another SE&CR1920 corridor third and another SE&CR corridor brake composite. *
ADF319 SR Billinton ex LB&SCR L class 4-6-4T 2333 (Brighton 1922). Right front view between renumbering in Nov 1932 and rebuilding as a 4-6-0 in Dec1934. *
ADF318 SR Urie/Maunsell H15 class 4-6-0 E522 (Eastleigh 1924). Approaching Wimbledon on a Bournemouth express. An ex LSWR 8 compartment non-corridor third leads an LSWR corridor brake third and Maunsell stock in the 1920s. *
ADF317 SR Urie/Maunsell H15 class 4-6-0 E476 (Eastleigh 1924). On a West of England express of 7 LSWR corridor coaches including a dining saloon. The pneumatic signal gantry in the distance shows it to be between Basingstoke and Brookwood, probably approaching Brookwood in the 1920s. *
ADF316 SR Urie/Maunsell King Arthur class 4-6-0 455 (Eastleigh 1925). With smoke deflectors, but retaining Urie smokebox door. Passing Worting junction on a down West of England express in the1930s. *
ADF315 SR Maunsell LN class 4-6-0 E850 (Eastleigh 1926). As built, with no smoke deflectors and with flat sided bogie tender in the 1920s. *
ADF314 SR Urie/Maunsell King Arthur class 4-6-0 E448 (Eastleigh 1925). Right side view, ready to leave Exeter Queen Street on an up express in the 1920s. *
ADF313 SR Billinton ex LB&SCR L class 4-6-4T B333 (Brighton 1922). Left front view in Southern livery in the 1920s. Name REMEMBRANCE painted on tank side, SOUTHERN is on the bunker. *
ADF312 SR Maunsell ex SE&CR E1 class 4-4-0 A163, (Built Ashford 1909 as E class. Rebuilt Beyer Peacock 1920). Left front view at Stewarts Lane, when burning oil. *