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ADF021 SR Ex LSWR Urie H16 class 4-6-2T E519 (Eastleigh 1921), right side view, Clapham Junction. *
ADF003 SR Ex SE&CR D class 4-4-0 A734 (Sharp Stewart 4706, 1901). At Ramsgate? shed, right hand side view, with station being rebuilt behnd. *
ADF000 SR Ex SE&CR D classs 4-4-0 A741 (R. Stephenson 3083, 1902. Later rebuilt to D1 in 1927). In early SR days. Tender has SOUTHERN A741 lettering but loco still has SE&CR plate on the cabside. Ramsgate? *
ADF002 SR Ex SE&CR D1 4-4-0 A 735. (Sharp Stewart 4707, 1902, rebuilt Beyer Peacock 1921). At Ramsgate? shed, front RH view. Early SR days, loco still has SEC&R cast plate on the cabside. *
ADF004 SR Ex SE&CR E1 4-4-0 A 165 (Ashford 1908, rebuilt Beyer Peacock 1920). Left front view early SR days with SOUTHERN tender lettering but loco still has SE&CR cabside plate. *
ADF016 SR Ex SE&CR L class 4-4-0 with a very mixed train. End door boat train brake 3rd, two Maunsell corridor coaches, three Pullmans, two in maroon and one in cream and umber, and five further coaches. *
ADF001 SR Ex SE&CR L class 4-4-0, front view from the platform at Charing Cross. 1925 built 3-SUB to the right. *
ADF014 SR King Arthur class 4-6-0 782 (North British 23228, 1925) Left front view at Waterloo c. 1930. Loco has smoke deflectors, first coach is ex LSWR Ironclad brake third. *
ADF011 SR King Arthur class 4-6-0 793 (Eastleigh 1926). Front view at the platform at Victoria on an Eastbourne train? Loco has smoke deflectors, 1930s. *
ADF010 SR LN class 4-6-0 854 approaching the ex LC&DR main line from the SER line at Bickley Junction on an up boat train of end door stock. Loco has smoke deflectors and flat sided bogie tender, 1930s. *