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ADD535 40T bogie ballast hopper 500, with 495 on the left. 16 wagons were supplied by G&R Turner of Langley Mill in 1903/4, and 4 more in 1911. *
ADD534 Ballast Plough Brakevan 29, one of five vans supplied by Hurst Nelson in 1898 and 1903. (SR Diag. 1737). These vans were similar to the GWR Diag. AA5 Ballast Plough Brakevans of 1893. A man stands by the handwheel for controlling the plough, which is in the lowered position. *
ADD533 Drummond 700 class 0-6-0 355 (D?bs 1897) standing in front of the crusher house at Meldon Quarry. On the right are two of the 12T ballast hoppers supplied by Hurst Nelson and Pickering between 1898 and 1903 (SR Diag. 1734). These wagons were similar to the GWR Diag. P7 ballast wagons of 1893. *
ADD530 Looking East from the crusher house, with the quarry face on the right. In the distance, wagons are being shunted on the main line. *
ADD531 Three men preparing a charge at the quarry face, showing the ram rod, an explosives box and the fuse. *
ADD532 Two men with a tripod mounted pneumatic rock drill. *
ADD529 View of the floor of the quarry, looking West, with face on the left and the crusher house in the distance. A narrow gauge point lies in the foreground, with no track connected to it. *
ADD528 View of the Meldon Crusher house, taken from Meldon Quarry signalbox, with the line to Okehampton on the left and quarry face on the right. Wooden post bracket signal and a grounded 4 wheel brake third coach body in front of crusher. *