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ADE810 SR Ex L&BR 2-6-2T (759-761 series) arriving at Woody Bay on a down train. SR signal post, 1930s. *
ADE811 SR, L&B Section, 2-6-2T 188, left rear view at the buffers at Barnstaple Town with a bogie van. *
ADE812 SR, L&B Section, 2-6-2T 188 at Barnstaple on a passenger train in the 1930s. Left rear view with the driver on left with an oilcan and small boy in the cab. *
ADE813 SR Ex B&SCR Billinton E5 class 0-6-2T at Forest Hill. Newly painted ex LSWR 8 compt third next to the loco, with ex LB&SCR bk third behind. *
ADE814 SR Maunsell LN class 4-6-0 853 (Eastleigh 1928), as built. Train is apparently stopped on the main line with matchboarded boat train stock, with a tunnel (Shepherdswell?) about ? mile behind. *
ADE815 SR 58 ft third No. 1, rebuilt 1935 from ex LSWR 50 ft composite 4987, with additional 6? 10? compartment on new underframe. Chatham 28 May 1938. *
ADE816 Ramsgate loco shed tool vans. From left to right: 4-wheel brake van, about 20 ft long with end birdcage lookout, 0612S, ex LB&SCR 6 wheel passenger brake van 762, ex S&DJR 6-wheel passenger brake van 966, 4-wheel brake van with end birdcage lookout 0609S. *
ADE816B Same as ADE816, but wider view. *
ADE817 SR 6-wheel flat carriage truck for milk tankers 4414 (1932). Ex LSWR third 240 behind and ex LSWR 16 ft horsebox on right. *
ADE818 SR 6-wheel United Daries milk tank 4419 (1932) at Kensington Olympia. End of GWR coach 929 to left. *